Methis 3 (Spring 2009)

Special issue on theatre studies

"Theatre: Stability and Dynamics"


ISBN 978-9949-446-39-1

doi: 10.7592/methis.v2i3

Language editor: Tiina Ann Kirss
Estonian summaries translated by: Anneli Saro


Tiina Kirss – Foreword



  1. Luule Epner, Anneli Saro – Theatre: Stability and Dynamics
  2. Willmar Sauter – Theatre – a Building, a Company, an Art Form: Terminology versus Reality
  3. Mariusz Bartosiak – Hamlet’s Being and Not-Being – Dynamics of the Aesthetic Object of Theatrical Performance
  4. Valda Čakare – Cliches of Theatrical Gesture in the Recent History of Latvian Theatre
  5. Eike Värk – Effect of Tradition and Innovation on an Actor’s Work Over Time: The example of Salme Reek
  6. Reetta Jokinen – Improvisation Theatre Performance as Maintaining and Breaking Cultural Model Narratives
  7. Knut Ove Arntzen – On Nomadism  
  8. Jurgita Staniškytė – The Shifting Point: Rewriting the Theatre Tradition on the Margins of Postmodern Culture  
  9. Jaak Rähesoo – Building in the Daytime, Demolishing at Night
  10. Anneli Saro – The Dynamics of the Estonian Theatre System: in Defence of Repertoire Theatre  
  11. Pirkko Koski – How to Popularize Radicality
  12. Edgaras Klivis – Staging the Nation: the Case of Lithuanian Fin de Siecle Theatre Productions in Foreign Industrial Centers  
  13. Martynas Petrikas – Theatre in a Contorted Mirror of Satire: Lithuanian Example from 1924–1940
  14. Steve Wilmer – National Theatres in Transition

Book Reviews

             Liina Unt – Site as Performance

             Maris Peters – Looking in from the Outside

             Piret Kruuspere – The „Golden Section“ of Estonian Theatre History


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