Methis 11 (Spring 2013)

Special issue on the 2000s

doi: 10.7592/methis.v8i11

ISBN: 978-9949-490-79-0

Compilers: Piret Viires, Priit Kruus

Editors: Piret Viires, Priit Kruus


Piret Viires, Priit KruusForeword


1. Piret Viires - The Digimodernist Estonian Writer

2. Aare Pilv  - A Small Guide to the (Tartu) Paranoiac-Critical Rhizome

3. Priit Kruus - The Currency of Youth. The "Young Author" and the "Literary Group" in the 2000s

4. Igor Kotjuh - The Generation of the 2000s in the Russian Literature of Estonia: Acceptance and Obstacles to Acknowledgement

5. Anneli Kõvamees - Travelogues of the 2000s: Views of the Self about the World

6. Leena Kurvet-Käosaar, Rutt Hinrikus - Estonian Life Writing of the 2000s as a Continuity Over the Post-Soviet Period

7. Luule Epner - Beyond Drama: Text in the Theatre of the 2000s


Timotheus Vermeulen, Robin van den Akker - Märkmeid metamodernismist

Piret Viires Timotheus Vermeuleni ja Robin van der Akkeri metamodernism

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