Methis 30 (autumn 2022)

Special Issue on Environmentalism

ISBN 978-9916-27-112-4

ISBN 978-9916-27-113-1 (pdf)

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Editors: Ulrike Plath, Elle-Mari Talivee, Kadri Tüür
Language Editor: Kanni Labi
English translator and proof editor: Ene-Reet Soovik

Table of Contents


Ulrike Plath, Elle-Mari Talivee, Kadri Tüür, Aet Annist From Nature Contemplation to Activism: A Special Issue on Environmentalism, 5-26


1. Ulrike Plath, Kaarel Vanamölder Clashing “Weatherlands” in 17th-century Livonia, 27-46

2. Karl Hein Animal Protection Movement in Interwar Estonia: Erich Kattenberg and His Activities, 47–67

3. Elle-Mari Talivee Vladimir Beekman, Atom-Boy, and the Phosphorite War, 68–91

4. Linda Kaljundi Art, Environment, and Environmentalism in Estonia in the 1960s–1980s – on Some Forgotten Connections and Tendencies, 92–116

5. Viktor Pál Environmental Protection in Authoritarian Societies, 117–131

6. Olev Liivik   From Opposition to Protests: Fighting against Phosphorite Mining in Estonia in the 1970s and 1980s, 132–155  

7. Tõnno Jonuks, Lona Päll, Atko Remmel, Ulla Kadakas Warlike Protection – Conflicts in Shaping the Preservation of Natural and Cultural Heritage, 156–183


8. Raili Lass Stanislavsky System as a Tool for a Drama Translator, 184–197


9. Timothy Morton – Environmentalism (translated by Ene-Reet Soovik; only in print version)

10. Ene-Reet Soovik, Kadri Tüür  On Timothy Morton, Romanticism, and Environmentalism, 211–222  


11. Kati Lindström Environmental Humanities: On the Development of a Research Speciality through the Lens of Major Conferences, 223–227

12. Tambet Muide   Green Bicycle Tours in the Years 1988–1993, 228–235

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