Methis 17-18 (Spring-autumn 2016)

Special Issue on Comparative Literature

doi: 10.7592/methis.v14i17/18

Compilers, editors: Liina Lukas, Leena Kurvet-Käosaar

Language editor: Kanni Labi 

Table of Contents

Liina Lukas - Foreword   PDF


1. Jüri Talvet - Towards a Symbiotic Coexistence of Comparative Literature and World Literature  PDF
2. Liina Lukas - Conceptualizations of World Literature in Estonia and Elsewhere  PDF
3. Rein Veidemann - Jüri Talvet’s Philological Journey: from the Spanish-speaking World to Estonia and Back  PDF
4. Arne Merilai - On Jüri Talvet’s Comparative Method  PDF
5. Lauri Pilter - Jüri Talvet’s Interpretations of World Poetry PDF
6. Klaarika Kaldjärv -  Translator as an Invisible Magician: Some Examples of Spanish Literature Translations in the Light of Jüri Talvet’s Translational Thought PDF
7. Tanar Kirs - Jüri Talvet on the Trails of Juhan Liiv   PDF
8. Marin Laak - The Rhisomes of „Kalevipoeg“: Literary Interpretation of the Estonian National Epic by Jüri Talvet PDF
9. Tiina Ann Kirss - The Twilight of Humanity: Marie Under's Translations of German Expressionist Poetry  PDF
10. Epp Annus -  On Love: Regimes of Truth, Cultural Imaginaries and the Bodily Experience of Being in the World  PDF
11. Leena Kurvet-Käosaar -European Identifications in Post-Soviet Estonian Life Writing  PDF
12. Kadri Naanu - The Impact of Implied Reader on Harriet Jacobs' Slave Narrative Incidents in a Life of a Slave Girl and Eduard Vilde's Historical Novel Mahtra sõda  PDF
13. Cornelius Hasselblatt - Does the "Baltic Writer" Exist?  PDF

Mediation of Theory

Liina Lukas -  Erich Auerbach’s Philology of World Literature  PDF


Rein Veidemann - Twenty Years of Interlitteraria   PDF

Archival Find

Igor Pilshchikov, Maria-Kristiina Lotman - Some Notes on One Review by Juri Lotman and Encyclopedias of The Soviet Period  PDF


Inga Sapunjan - The Babel of World Literature and a Call to Listen to Other Languages. ICLA Congress in Vienna, 21.07–27.07.2016  PDF

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