Methis 1-2 (Spring-autumn 2008)

Special issue on Noor-Eesti (Young Estonia) 

"Young Estonia's Ten Years: Aesthetics and Meanings"

ISBN 978-9949-418.93-0

doi: 10.7592/methis.v1i1-2


Language editors: Maarja Hollo, Katrin Raid

Summaries translated by: Tiina Ann Kirss

Proofs: Maarja Hollo, Johanna Ross, Pille-Riin Larm


Tiina Kirss – Saateks

Sirje Olesk, Marin Laak – The Role of Young Estonia in Estonian Literary and Cultural History


1. Jüri Kivimäe – In Quest of the Meaning of Young Estonia: Old and New Reflections

2.  Cornelius Hasselblatt – A Century Later: What Young Estonia Did – and What it        Did Not Do

3. Jüri Talvet – Juhan Liiv and Young Estonia

4. Ülar Ploom – On Ridala’s Iconics in the context of Symbolist Aesthetics

5. Tiina Ann Kirss – Pegasus and the Wooden Horse: James Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Friedebert Tuglas’ Felix Ormusson

6.  Antoine Chalvin – Johannes Aavik and the French Language

7.  Kaia Sisask – Some Observations concerning Johannes Aavik’s French Orientation in Literature, and the Specificity of his Translation Activities

8.  Mirjam Hinrikus – On J. Randvere’s Ruth: One of the First Examples of Estonian Literary Decadence

9.  Rutt Hinrikus – Young Estonia and Women

10. Ülle Pärli – Russian Literature in the Estonian Schools of the Russification Era

11. Lea Pild – The Question of Russian Influence on Friedebert Tuglas’ article „Valeri Brjussov”

12. Liina Lukas –Young Estonia and German Literature

13.  Mari Tarvas – Some Considerations Regarding Rilke

14. Katri Aaslav-Tepandi –Young Estonian Theatre and Young Estonia

15. Jaanus Kulli – Bernhard Linde. Leader of the Young Estonian Pack

16. Tiiu Talvistu – Young Estonia’s Artists

17. Virve Sarapik – On the Anti-Futurism of Young Estonia

18. Tiit Hennoste – The Self-Colonization Project of Young Estonia. Part II. Modes of Literary Thinking and Relations with Colonialism in Estonian Literature of the beginning of the 20th century

19. Daniele Monticelli – The Young-Estonia’s project of renewal on the background the cultural-political discourse of present Estonia. Some critical observations

20.  Rein Veidemann – The Fate of a (Great) Cultural Narrative: Young-Estonia

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