Methis nr 3 (kevad 2009)

Teatriteaduse erinumber (ingliskeelne)

"Theatre: Stability and Dynamics"

ISBN 978-9949-446-39-1 (trükiversioon)

Koostajad, toimetajad: ANNELI SARO, LUULE EPNER
Keeletoimetaja: Tiina Ann Kirss
Resümeede tõlkija eesti keelde: Anneli Saro



Tiina KirssForeword


  1. Luule Epner, Anneli SaroTheatre: Stability and Dynamics
  2. Willmar SauterTheatre – a Building, a Company, an Art Form: Terminology versus Reality
  3. Mariusz BartosiakHamlet’s Being and Not-Being – Dynamics of the Aesthetic Object of Theatrical Performance
  4. Valda ČakareCliches of Theatrical Gesture in the Recent History of Latvian Theatre
  5. Eike VärkEffect of Tradition and Innovation on an Actor’s Work Over Time: The example of Salme Reek
  6. Reetta JokinenImprovisation Theatre Performance as Maintaining and Breaking Cultural Model Narratives
  7. Knut Ove ArntzenOn Nomadism  
  8. Jurgita StaniškytėThe Shifting Point: Rewriting the Theatre Tradition on the Margins of Postmodern Culture  
  9. Jaak RähesooBuilding in the Daytime, Demolishing at Night
  10. Anneli SaroThe Dynamics of the Estonian Theatre System: in Defence of Repertoire Theatre  
  11. Pirkko KoskiHow to Popularize Radicality
  12. Edgaras KlivisStaging the Nation: the Case of Lithuanian Fin de Siecle Theatre Productions in Foreign Industrial Centers  
  13. Martynas PetrikasTheatre in a Contorted Mirror of Satire: Lithuanian Example from 1924–1940
  14. Steve Wilmer National Theatres in Transitio


Liina UntSite as Performance

Maris PetersLooking in from the Outside

Piret KruuspereThe „Golden Section“ of Estonian Theatre History

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