Methis 33 (Spring 2024)

Special Issue on War Writing


Compilers, editors: Maarja Hollo, Anu Raudsepp
Language editor: Kanni Labi
English proof editor: Daniel Allen

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Table of Contents



  1. Maaris Raudsepp, Triin Roosalu - Lay Representations of War: The First World War through the Eyes of Today’s Youth


  2. Toivo Kikkas - Estonian War Correspondents in the War of Independence


  3. Anu Kannike - The Estonian Women’s Movement during the German Occupation 1941–1944: Adaptation and Development


  4. Anu Korb - Everyday Life and Memories of War. The Memories of a Woman Born in 1926


  5. Anu Raudsepp - The story of Eerik Horm, the hero of Arved Viirlaid’s novels, versus the life of Eerik Heine


  6. Ave Mattheus - War in Estonian children’s and youth literature


  7. Eda Kalmre - Men’s Stories. An Insight into the Tradition of Military Legends


  8. Sergei Troitskii , Guillem Castañar , Liisi Laineste , Anastasiya Fiadotava - “Putler kaput”: Historical Memes About the Russian War in Ukraine


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