Marko Pajević.
Under Review: Journal of Literary Multilingualism, Volume 1 (Brill, 2023)

Viktor Pál
Environmental Protection in Authoritarian Societies

Anna Pavlova
Translation theory and reality: The case of multiple translations of Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard into German

Marika Peekmann
A Baltic-German Border Town: Eduard von Stackelberg’s and Monika Hunnius’s Narvas

Ramona Pellegrino
Self-translating Authors in German-language Contemporary Literature

Madli Pesti
Space as an Active Agent. On Performative Space in Estonian Contemporary Performing Arts

Maris Peters
Looking in from the Outside (Review) 

Martynas Petrikas
Theatre in a Contorted Mirror of Satire: Lithuanian Example from 1924–1940

Richard Pettifer
The Artist is Absent: Non-Human Agency in the Situation of the Theatre

Ines Piibeleht
The Phenomenon of Fashion

Kaarel Piirimäe
Postcolonialism and the Soviet Union. Epp Annus, Soviet Postcolonial Studies: A View from the Western Borderlands
(London and New York: Routledge, 2018)

Tarmo Pikner
More than Shrinking Postindustral Cities: Durations of Urban Spaces in Detroit and Narva

Lea Pild
The Question of Russian Influence on Friedebert Tuglas’ article „Valeri Brjussov”

On Translation Ideology of Russian Literature. Foreword

Changeability of the narrator’s text in the Estonian translations of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novel The Brothers Karamazov 

Igor Pilshchikov
Some Notes on One Review by Juri Lotman and Encyclopedias of The Soviet Period (Foreword to Archival Finding) 

“Old” and “New” Quantitative Formalism: Comparisons and Perspectives (The Moscow Linguistic Circle and the Stanford Literary Lab)

Lauri Pilter
Jüri Talvet’s Interpretations of World Poetry

Aare Pilv
On Self-Writing. Tõnu Õnnepalu, Mihkel Raud and Madis Kõiv

A Small Guide to the (Tartu) Paranoiac-Critical Rhizome  

How to Turn Kreenholm into a Work of Art

Ulrike Plath
From Nature Contemplation to Activism: A Special Issue on Environmentalism

Clashing “Weatherlands” in 17th-century Livonia

Ülar Ploom
On Ridala’s Iconics in the context of Symbolist Aesthetics

Katrin Puik
Verbal irony in the poetry of Heiti Talvik and Betti Alver

Eliisa Puudersell
Angst and play in the fiction of Mati Unt

Janika Päll
Traditions of Estonian Translation from Ancient Greek and Latin

Humanist Greek and Neo-Latin poetry in Early Modern Tallinn and Tartu

Lona Päll
Warlike Protection – Conflicts in Shaping the Preservation of Natural and Cultural Heritage

Ülle Pärli
Russian Literature in the Estonian Schools of the Russification Era

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