Katri Aaslav-Tepandi
Young Estonian Theatre and Young Estonia

Robin van den Akker
Notes on metamodernism (Mediation of Theory)

Alari Allik
Falling Like Rain through Life: Translating Ono no Komachi

Aet Annist
From Nature Contemplation to Activism: A Special Issue on Environmentalism

Eve Annuk
Autobiography as the Discourse of „Truth”: Lilli Suburg’s Minu saatusega võitluskäik

The Politics of Royalties in Estonia During the Stalinist Era

Stalinism’s ”Others”: Ilmi Kolla as a dissenter

Representing of gender in Estonian graffiti and street art

Epp Annus
The poetics of the Everyday and Festive Life

The Rise of Post-Colonialism in Post-Soviet Studies: Witnessing the Paradigm Change

David Chioni Moore'i vaated nõukogude postkolonialismile (Foreword to Mediation of Theory)

Afektiivne pööre humanitaarteadustes (Review)

On Love: Regimes of Truth, Cultural Imaginaries and the Bodily Experience of Being in the World

Ben Highmore ja esteetiline uurijateadlikkus  (Foreword to Mediation of Theory)

I propose a toast to the Russian people: discursive foundations of Soviet colonialism (Foreword)

Postcolonial cosmology or postcolonial critique? A response to Kaarel Piirimäe  (Discussion)

Knut Ove Arntzen
On Nomadism

Emrah Atasoy

Transformational Utopian/Dystopian Projections in Turkish Literature: Teleandregenos Ütopyasında Evlilik Hayatı by Adam Şenel

Erich Auerbach
Philologie der Weltliteratur (Mediation of Theory, only in print)

Kristina Aurylaitė
The Figure of the Migrant and Multilingual Practices in Selected Lithuanian Novels and Their English Translations: Antanas Škėma’s Balta drobulė and Gabija Grušaitė’s Stasys Šaltoka

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