Kadi Haamer

Phenomenological study of the actor’s embodiment experience and (physical and mental) presence in the context of postdramatic theatre

Julie Hansen

Self-Translation Enacted in Theodor Kallifatides’ Language Memoir Ännu ett liv (Another Life)

Cornelius Hasselblatt

A Century Later: What Young Estonia Did – and What it Did Not Do

Does the "Baltic Writer" Exist?

N. Katherine Hayles

Intermediation: The Pursuit of a Vision (Mediation of Theory)

Karl Hein

Animal Protection Movement in Interwar Estonia: Erich Kattenberg and His Activities

Ivo Heinloo

The Flaneur in a Soviet Provincial Capital: A Perspective on Peeter Sauter’s Novel Indigo

Sirel Heinloo

 The Same Novel? Jaan Kaplinski’s The Same River on the Other Shore of the Baltic Sea

The Swedish Reception of Jaan Kaplinski’s Works and the Expression of the World Literary Field

Rein Heinsalu

Postmodernist Traits in the Performances of Young Estonian Directors 1969-1975

Tiit Hennoste

The Self-Colonization Project of Young Estonia. Part II. Modes of Literary Thinking and Relations with Colonialism in Estonian Literature of the beginning of the 20th century

Johannes Semper with a horse: Avant-garde between technology and nature

Ben Highmore

Aesthetic matters: writing and Cultural Studies (Mediation of Theory)

Mirjam Hinrikus

On J. Randvere’s Ruth: One of the First Examples of Estonian Literary Decadence

Rutt Hinrikus

Young Estonia and Women

The development of Estonian autobiographical writing from the 19th

century to the Second World War

On the Manuscript of Gustav Malts (Foreword to Archival Finding)

Estonian Life Writing of the 2000s as a Continuity Over the Post-Soviet Period

Maarja Hollo

Remembering and Nostalgia in Karl Ristikivi`s novel „All that Once Was” and Bernard Kangro’s Joonatan-novels

From Our Island to Mnemosyne. The Island as an Autobiographical Figure in Bernard Kangro’s work

Memory Culture and Moral Witness. Remembering the Second World War in Bernard Kangro's Tartu novels

Lepapuise Pegasusega Rooma poole. Bernard Kangro käsikirjast „Sõit Rooma” ( Foreword to Archival Finding)

Children and War. War trauma in Tiina Kurnim’s Ups and Downs in the Life of the People of Sõrve and Ülo Tuulik’s novel In the Way

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