Berk Vaher

City (Re)writing Possibilities (Foreword to Mediation of Theory)

Kaisa Vaher

Three Estonian Robinsons: Daniel Defoe’s Novel in Estonian Translation


Maret Vaher

The mathematical game and the “Bronze Age”: The structure of Karl Ristikivi’s historical works

Maarja Vaino

Secrets and the Figure of the Fool in Anton Hansen Tammsaare’s Poetics

Religious motifs in Roman Diary and All Souls’ Night: comparative observations

Kaarel Vanamölder
Clashing “Weatherlands” in 17th-century Livonia


Rein Veidemann

The Fate of a (Great) Cultural Narrative: Young-Estonia

Jüri Talvet’s Philological Journey: from the Spanish-speaking World to Estonia and Back

Twenty Years of Interlitteraria (Interview)

Boris Veizenen

Faddey Bulgar in and the Baltic Germans. Self-positioning Through the Metaphor of an Alarm Clock New Roman


Ekaterina Velmezova

On the theoretical and practical significance of self-translation on the example of Jaan Kaplinski's poem "Light Does Not Get Old" 

Mart Velsker


The Kremlin and Kreenholm, the Winter Palace and Toompea hill: Cities in Estonian Poetry of the Stalinist Era

Andreas Ventsel

The Formation of Groupuscular Identity in the Web Communication of the Estonian Extreme Right

Timotheus Vermeulen

Märkmeid metamodernismist (Mediation of Theory)


Anna Verschik

Possibilities of Research on Linguistic Biographies: Dagmar Normet, a Multilingual Childhood in Estonia

Multilingualism in the Estonian Translations of Baltic German Literature 

Margus Vihalem

Soviet Aesthetics and its Empirical Applications: the Collective Farm as a Specific Sensorium

Kristi Viiding

Non tibi per ventos veneranda Poëtica crescit... Johannes Hörnick ja humanistlik poeetikakäsitlus varauusaegses Eestis (Foreword to Mediation of Theory)


Piret Viires

Solitude in Cyberspace: the Individuality of an Author and the Autonomy of a Text

Nurklikud nullindad: sissejuhatuseks 21. sajandi esimese kümnendi kirjandusse (Foreword)

The Digimodernist Estonian Writer

Timotheus Vermeuleni ja Robin van der Akkeri metamodernism (Foreword to Mediation of Theory)

Literature and Digital Technology
The Challenges of Digital Culture. Use of Digital Cultural Heritage in Research and Education (Foreword)

New Creative Practices on Internet. Some Remarks on Social Media Literature

Jaak Viller

Kaarel Ird’s Repertoire Policy as Manager of the Vanemuine Theatre

Sandra Vlasta

Shifting Multilingualism: Jhumpa Lahiri’s Expansion from (Multilingual) Author to (Self-)Translator


Marek Volt

The Concept of Aesthetic Approach in Soviet Estonian Aesthetics


Art as emotional infectiousness: Lev Tolstoy’s definition of art in the analytical perspective

Piret Voolaid

Representing of gender in Estonian graffiti and street art

Vadim Vozdvizhensky

In Search of Grigory Skovoroda’s Motivation   

Aleksander Väljamäe

Exploring Physiology-Based Interactions in Performing Art Using Artistic Interventions

Eike Värk

Effect of Tradition and Innovation on an Actor’s Work Over Time: The example of Salme Reek

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