Mari-Liis Madisson

On mythological thinking in the representation of the concept two-feet-on-the-ground

The Formation of Groupuscular Identity in the Web Communication of the Estonian Extreme Right

Maria Malikova

Towards the Description of the Beginning of “the Overthrow of the Literalists” 

Gustav Malts

A (Hi)story of Maltsvet's Religion and His Journey to the Crimea (Archival Finding)

Maria Mandri

Dialect in the Speech of Characters in A. H. Tammsaare’s Truth and Justice Part I

Anne-Liis Maripuu
Performativity of Gender by Early Modern Dancers on and off Stage. The Case of Elmerice Parts and Gerd Neggo

Jani Marjanen

Integrating Computation into Humanities Education

Raili Marling

“We Twiddle … and Turn into Machines”: Technology and gendered bodies in American modernism 

Performativity, Performance and Perception (Foreword)

Authenticity and Depthiness in the Representation of Affects: Perception and Performativity in Contemporary (Auto)Fiction

Ave Mattheus

Child(hood) in 19th century Estonia: a Study of Autobiographical Texts

A Translation Gem from the Beginnings of Estonian Literature - the First Robinsonade

Miriam McIlfatrick-Ksenofontov

Maria Tymoczko angažeeritud tõlketeadus (Foreword to Mediation of Theory)

On the Poetics of Translation

Theo Meder

Computational analysis of Life Books – a probing study

Marie-Luise Meier

Perceiving the Default: Navigating Choice Architecture in Video Games

Aurika Meimre

Interwar Russian Emigration in the Larger World and "Little Estonia"

Lauma Mellēna-Bartkeviča

Opera across Borders: New Technologies and Mediatization

Brita Melts

Karl Ristikivi’s Mediterranean space

Arne Merilai

Unified Theoretical Field Perspectives (Manifesto)

Tooma rõõmusõnumid (Review)


On Jüri Talvet’s Comparative Method

A Technical Turn and Poetic Declination: God help us

Kaplinski’s Line and Rummo’s Sparks: A Structural Comparison

Marek Miil

Double Standards at the Communist Party Sub-organisation at Eesti Televisioon 1968–1988

Marju Mikkel

The Young Estonians as Critics and in the Eyes of Critics: On the Concept of the Reader in Early 20th Century Estonia

Krista Mits

A Look at Estonian Translations of English Literature from the late 18th Century to the Early 20th Century

Daniele Monticelli

The Young-Estonia’s project of renewal on the background the cultural-political discourse of present Estonia. Some critical observations 

Kuidas kirjutatakse tõlkelugu? (Foreword)

Literary Multilingualism in Translation: Texts, Contexts, Agents. Introduction

Timothy Morton
Environmentalism (translated by Ene-Reet Soovik; only in print version)

David Chioni Moore

Kas post- postkoloniaalses on post- postsovetlikus? Globaalse postkoloniaalse kriitika poole (Mediation of Theory)

Karl Morgenstern

Kujunemisromaani olemusest. Ettekanne, peetud 12. detsembril 1819 Tartu ülikoolis (Mediation of Theory)

Michelle Mueller

Parallelism as Repetition: A Case Study of Betti Alver’s Elu on alles uus and Jälle ja jälle

Tambet Muide

Green Bicycle Tours in the Years 1988–1993 (Varia)

Eetu Mäkelä
Integrating Computation into Humanities Education

Indrek Männiste

Literature in the Age of Technology (Introduction)

Literature, Counterpoint, and Cantus Technicus

Aile Möldre

Translations of Belles-Lettres in the Book Production of Estonia and Finland during the First Half of the 20th Century (1900–1940)

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