Methis 23 (Spring 2019)

Literature and Technology

Edited by Indrek Männiste, Jaak Tomberg



Indrek Männiste, Jaak Tomberg  - Literature in the Age of Technology


  1. Tiit Hennoste - Johannes Semper with a horse: Avant-garde between technology and nature

  2. Raili Marling  - “We Twiddle … and Turn into Machines”: Technology and gendered bodies in American modernism

  3. Indrek Männiste  - Literature, Counterpoint, and Cantus Technicus

  4. Arne Merilai - A Technical Turn and Poetic Declination: God help us

  5. Jaak Tomberg  - Cyberpunk without Science Fiction

  6.   Marin Laak, Piret Viires - Literature and Digital Technology

Varia Articles

Roosmarii Kurvits  - Twenty-five Years Later: Estonian journalists recall Soviet censorship

Mediation of Theory

N. Katherine Hayles; Silver Rattasepp  -  Intermediation: The Pursuit of a Vision

Jaak Tomberg  - N. Katherine Hayles' Post-human View of Digital Literature. Foreword to the translation


Andrus Laansalu  - The Ecstatic Reconstruction of the Writing System Machine
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