Forthcoming issue

Methis No. 20, 2017 (autumn):

special issue on postcolonialism

Compiler: EPP ANNUS, Estonian Literary Museum - epp.annus[at]

Deadline for abstracts - closed, currently being edited

*The article will be published in the case of two positive peer-reviews.
We kindly ask the authors to follow our formatting standards.

2) Methis No. 21/22, 2018 (spring-autumn): rahvusvaheline erinumber "Literatures in Dialogue"

3) Methis No. 23, 2019 (spring): free issue

4) Methis No. 24, 2019 (autumn): special issue on digital humanities and  digital literatures

5) Methis No. 25, 2020 (spring): special issue on translation ideology of Russian literature

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